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Fisherbrand SureOne Micropoint Nano Pipette Tips, Universal Fit 20ul - 200ul (Overpack of 5 x 960) (02707478)

Fisherbrand SureOne Micropoint Nano Pipette Tips, Universal Fit 20ul - 200ul (Overpack of 5 x 960) (02707478)

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Sterile and free of RNase, DNase, ATP, pyrogen, bioburden, PCR inhibitors, endotoxin and DNA

Pack of 4,800 Tips

Packaging Features

  • Offset wells allow filter tips to stack
  • Rigid inserts are multi-channel format ensuring secure tip seal
  • Lot numbered inserts for traceability also include easy to read tip volume and Fisher catalog number
  • Sterile packaging with outer sleeve protects tips from contamination while refilling inserts
  • Environmentally friendly reload packaging reduces plastic waste and saves space
  • Blister sleeve guide rails align tip inserts for smooth and reliable transfer into the rack
Rack Features
  • Flush Fit Inserts sit flush with rack, allowing easy multichannel pipetting
  • Recycle Logo molded into all rack components
  • Notched clasp props lid open for autoclave venting
  • Sure Stack lid rim prevents racks from sliding around when stacked and carted around a lab
  • Safe-Lock latch allows for one-handed open and closing ability and won't pop open when dropped
  • Sure-snap design securely holds insert in place, preventing it from being lifted out while pipetting
  • Flip-lid can be either a hinged or lift-off lid; hinged format does not prevent use of a multichannel pipet
Insert Features
  • Inserts are easy to place onto and remove from rack; clip onto rack for a secure fit
  • Lot traceable—all inserts contain the Fisherbrand part number, tip volume, lot number
  • Indented insert holes inhibit tip movement, stabilizing them for multichannel work
  • Contact Clip helps prevent unnecessary contact with the tips while clipping in inserts
  • Multichannel design; all inserts are 96-well format
  • Robust non-pliable design provides secure seals on every tip


Micropoint tip; Graduated at 10, 50, 100, 200uL; 20-200uL
58 mm
Universal, Universal, Extended Length
Sure OneTM
20 μL to 200 μL
10 μL, 50 μL, 100 μL, 200 μL
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