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S1 Pipet Filler Accessories, Wall Mount (9066-11)

S1 Pipet Filler Accessories, Wall Mount (9066-11)

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Complete your S1 Pipet Filler with these accessories and prolong its use.

  • Wall-mounted holder and table stand offer compact storage between applications. Recharge the pipet filler in both stands by plugging in the charger. Store pipet filler when working in laminar flow cabinets to save space.
  • Wing stand allows user to set the pipet filler down without removing or emptying the serological pipet.
  • Easy to change filter prevents aerosol or liquid cross contamination of the pipet together with autoclavable silicone adapter.
  • 1mL Pipet Support ensures that 1 mL pipets will hold as securely as larger sizes.


Single Pipet Filler Wall Mount Stand
S1 Pipette Filler



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